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Notting Hill

Can the most famous film star in the world fall for the man on the street? Comedy with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
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Notting Hill

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Director: Roger Michell



Notting HillWilliam Thacker (Hugh Grant) has his own little bookshop in Notting Hill, a suburb of London. He sells only travelling books, but he's not very successful.
One day the famous actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) comes to Williams shop. While she is bying a travelling picture book, Williams life changes from one second to the next. Only a few minutes later he "crashes" with Anne Scott out in the street spilling his orange juice on her blouse. Because his house is only a few meters away he offers her to come with him so that she can change her clothes there.
So it happens that the small boy from the streets falls in love with the Hollywood star. But of course such a combination doesn't go on straightforward. On the one hand there are the friends of William Thacker who seem to get crazy when they realize who is the woman next to William on his sister's birthday party. On the other hand there is the "official life" of Anna Scott. She has a lot of press conferences, a big groupe of assistents are around her - and there is his "official boyfriend".

In the next time life isn't always very easy for William. Everything around him reminds him that he loves Anna Scott - even if it's only her smiling face painted on a bus...


Notting Hill
Who says "Hoppala!" today?

Criticism: You're perfectly right if you say that it's Julia Roberts' performance which makes this film so good. She can fascinate everybody with her smile and her helpless behavior. Also Hugh Grant is right in place. But the film isn't just only around this two persons. Surprisingly good is the characteristic of all the people around William. Emma Chambers as Williams sister Honey and Rhys Ifans as his lodger Spike are carrying conviction.

Notting HillNotting Hill as location of this film is a very good decision. It seems to be the only place in the world where you can find such extrem contrasts. On the one hand there is Notting Hill with markets and lower prices on the other hand there are hotels and the whole high society.

Director Roger Michell doesn't "create" Action or Tension. Instead of this he tries to walk along the reality. The birthday party or the "just-one-year-walking-on-the-market scene" are good examples. He explains the way of living without slapstick or trivial comedy elements.

The music is always right in place. But the whole film doesn't went on very straight. The story seems to build a circle. Though you can say "That's the way life goes" - you are not surprised if the same things happen again...

All in all the faszinating smile of Julia Robert alone should be a good enough reason to see this movie!

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Notting Hill

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