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South Park

South Park - where bad taste reaches a new all-time high.


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December 1999:
South Park

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***** **** 86%
Direction: Trey Parker
Contents / review: This is one of the films you´ll either love or hate. The story is relatively simple: the USA declares war on Canada because of a youth-endangering movie. The protagonists are the well-known kids from the stinking village named South Park. Feeling bored, they pay a tramp to buy them tickets for a film that is "only accessible with adult company", namely the movie "Asses of Fire", in which two Canadian actors fart at each other, use 4-letter words with remarkable frequency and still think it's funny. Being influenced by the film, the boys talk in a similar way to their teacher, which draws the parents´ attention to them.
As the mothers have nothing else to do, they form a league that declares Canada the root of all evil. When these two actors are arrested in an American talk-show, Canada is anxious about its film-based exports and sends their bombs to Hollywood. As a reaction the USA declares war on Canada. The rest of the story is not important.

The film's qualities lie not so much within the story, but more within its digs at American society. The mothers are enraged not because they think their kids could be harmed by the violence, but only because of the swear words. Saddam Hussein also has a role in the film, he is Satan's lover (I guess that is the greatest humiliation that was ever done to a living statesman, to show him in a movie making love to Satan).South Park is one great exaggeration of every trace of American culture. The film uncovers latent antisemitism and racism that are immanent in the American society as well as in any other. It is also the hardest kick in the face of censorship I have ever encountered in my life. If every scene containing the f-word was x-ed or beeped, the plot would fade to a loose mélange of little boys saying nasty things.

All in all I can only say: see this film if you like to be shocked or if you have subconscious anarchist tendencies. If you only want to be entertained, KEEP OUT.


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South Park

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